Deb's Stone and River Glass
    Frugal Fashion Finery & Adornments
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A few words from Deb:

          "Most of the jewelry I create incorporates a polished natural stone or shard of glass. The glass is typically found washed up along local river or creek banks. Stone pieces have also been found in the area or on our varied travels. When I find a glass or stone piece that looks interesting, I will tumble and polish it to create smooth or rounded edges while maintaining the piece's original shape. The majority of the necklaces include the stone or glass piece as a focal point along with beading or other embellishments to accent a finished piece of jewelry. Bracelets and/or earrings can be fabricated from beading to match. I have also created jewelry out of other natural materials such as sea shells, pre-polished turquoise, or wood. To view my creations, please select one of the links above. All of my jewelry is hand-crafted and designed to create an adornment that is, uniquely, one of a kind."